Popular Tire Models from Sumitomo


While tires are certainly a more recent invention, the Sumitomo business philosophy, stressing sound management principles with an emphasis on integrity, dates back more than 350 years to the founding inspiration, Masatamo Sumitomo. Today, Sumitomo Tire offers a well-balanced blend of value and quality to consumers, backed by a reputation for industry leading technology and service, as well as innovation

Most Popular Tires by Pirelli


To quote a portion of the Pirelli Mission “to develop products that are ground-breaking in terms of quality, safety and respect for environment and social sustainability,” coupled with a deep commitment to on-going research and development, it’s no wonder that this company has been a leader in high performance tires for nearly a century and a half. The reputation Pirelli

Most Popular Michelin Tires


With well over a century in the tire industry, Michelin is an industry leader in innovation, technology and consumer satisfaction.  Most commonly identified with the friendly, adorable and iconic “spokesperson,” The Michelin Man, this company dedicates its efforts to the motto, “The Right Tire Changes Everything.”  Michelin tires are designed to stop shorter, last longer and promote more efficient fuel

Popular Tire Models from Industry Leading Innovator, Yokohama


You don’t even have to know a lot about tires to know the name Yokohama.  This tire company’s particular level of dedication to “your driving enjoyment” has led to unsurpassed innovative efforts in performance technology as well as safety and overall “drivability” of their entire tire catalogue. Recent news has recognized Yokohama for their commitment to thriving in a sustainable

Most Popular Truck, SUV and Crossover Tire Models from Toyo Tires


With over 65 years of experience delivering innovative performance technology and design and a high rating for both quality and service, Toyo Tires has made a name for itself within the automotive industry with superior performance tires in every vehicle category.  Toyo Tires manufactures quality replacement tires aptly suited to passenger vehicles, luxury cars, light trucks, SUV’s, crossovers and even

Is wheel alignment important?

Very! The alignment of your vehicle comprises of all the components or vehicle parts that make your vehicle travel in a straight direction while driving. It does not take much to set a vehicle out of alignment. In fact, something as simple as a small pot hole or bump in the road can be enough to set your whole vehicle

Learning about Alignment and Balancing of your Tires

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two vehicle maintenance tasks that are frequently confused with one another. One way to tell whether you need a wheel alignment or balancing is by the symptoms your car is exhibiting. If you notice your vehicle vibrating as you drive, you will need to have your wheels balanced. If you notice uneven tire wear,